Annie Russell is a comedian and editor, currently working as a senior producer at Storycorps, where her work can be heard on NPR’s Morning Edition. She is an experienced public radio editor, reporter and producer. She’s worked on a variety of short and long term projects, comedy podcasts, news stories and audio work. She is always available for editing work, with a focus on narrative audio and comedy. She loves reading about and discussing pop culture, especially television.

She was previously an editor at NPR affiliates KQED in San Francisco, WBEZ in Chicago and Vermont Public Radio. She hosted The Pub, a podcast about public media for Current.org.┬áIn past lives she’s worked as a freelance podcast producer, live sound engineer, social worker, music director, and video store clerk.

She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

When there isn’t a global pandemic, she performs stand-up comedy all over the country and has produced several acclaimed live comedy shows. Annie created Freshman, a show about your terrible early artwork. Her shows have been profiled in the Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Seven Days, the Burlington Free Press, and other publications.

She’s been featured as a performer in the Boston Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy Festival, 208 Comedy Festival, Floodwater Comedy Festival, Motor City Comedy Festival, Oak City Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Cream City Comedy Festival, Waking Windows Festival, Tower City Comedy Festival and the Green Mountain Comedy Festival. She was a 2015 and 2017 finalist for Seven Days’ ‘Best Stand-Up Comic,’ a reader’s choice award.

Her email address is annie.m.russell@gmail.com