The Pub: How Do New Hosts Hang On To Audiences While Still Being Themselves?


So your favorite podcast has a new host! Do you keep listening?

On this episode of The Pub, I take a look at how a show survives a changing of the guard. For new hosts: How do you fill your beloved predecessor’s shoes while still honoring the longtime audience? When you inevitably make changes, will they run for the hills?

Nobody knows this challenge better than journalist Robert Costa. He’s a reporter for the Washington Post and took over as moderator last year for PBS’ weekly public affairs program Washington Week. Costa describes how he approached what could have been a tricky transition after the death of previous longtime host Gwen Ifill.

Plus, I check in with food writer and host of public radio’s The Splendid Table,Francis Lam, who made the jump from filling in occasionally to taking over the program permanently.

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