CRINGE! Testimonials

“Being part of Cringe was a horrifying experience because it showed me that I am not nearly as weird and unique as I had originally thought. Everyone has a freak flag and Cringe is one of the most respectful and supportive places to let it fly.
I cannot wait to do it again.” – Lori Goldman
“I attended the very first Cringe at the Monkey House in Winooski, and I thought it was a riot, but also very supportive of the people presenting their cringe-worthy stories.  I decided to take the plunge and submit a story I wrote in the fourth grade about my cat turning out to be an alien and taking me to his home planet. My story got a great reception, and all of the big moments of laughter felt like validation for sharing this ridiculous story with the crowd.
The whole thing felt like I had just made about 50 new friends who all loved hearing this terrible but hopefully endearing piece of writing that I so earnestly composed at age 9.
tl;dr: Great, would repeat.” – Kevin Lumpkin

“I performed in Annie Russell’s Cringe Show at the Vermont Comedy Club in front of 150 people. It was actually fun!  Ironically, the most closely held personal experiences can also be the most universal.

 The audience is totally on your side because they realize you must have huge cojones to get up there and do that.  I had only positive feedback.” – Tony Bates
“I thought I had destroyed the evidence I had ever been a child. Then I found this Super-8 movie of the awkward seventh grader I once was and recreated it at Cringe. I actually ended up feeling like I was embracing that over-serious, gawky junior high school kid, and her embarrassing, culturally insensitive era.
I loved that not only was I cringing, but there were people in the audience who grew up in my time and were cringing right along with me. What a hoot!” – Deena Frankel
“I was so relieved to not be arrested by the police when I got off the stage. What a cathartic experience to create an audience full of accessories to my crime.” – Bitsy Biron
“Everyone has done some embarrassing stuff in their life, in one way or another. It’s a fact, and can be really funny at times. I actually jumped at the opportunity to be in the show, but also had moments of hesitation leading up to it. Wondering how much I should actually divulge to a group of strangers and how they would react to my ridiculous admissions. I remembered everyone’s had their moments of humiliation, so why not let them enjoy mine for a bit? Don’t take life too seriously.” – Jeff McLaughlin
“When Annie Russell invited me to perform in a live Cringe show, I had a scary thought: what if I took the most embarrassing story I’ve ever told in public (about my short stint as the star of a Bible School video series) and actually played the video in the middle?
I don’t know what compelled me to have the courage to do that, but the audience laughing told me I’d made the right choice. I learned that we might as well embrace the awkwardness that’s no doubt in all our backstories. It’s probably even the most entertaining thing about us. And your whole perspective on it will change for the better once you hear them laugh. I highly recommend Cringe to others on-the-fence about sharing.” – Colin Ryan