As featured in the Chicago Reader, March 2019


As featured in Seven Days, December 2016.

Freshman is a show about your terrible student artwork. Born in Burlington, Vermont as Cringe!, Annie brought Freshman to Chicago as a monthly show in March 2019.

Do you have a cringe-worthy piece of early artwork to share? Diary entries, poems, letters, mixtapes, songs: it’s all fair game.

Please share a concrete pitch of what you’d like to do, and how much time you need. Five minutes is a great mark to shoot for.

The best piece of advice for a successful submission? Hard evidence. A photo, piece of artwork, writing, sound recording or video makes for a really strong submission. We want to be pulled into a moment, and a specific example helps to ground us there.

If your pitch is accepted:

Do: Send up to two images! We project them behind you and it’s super fun!

Don’t: Send any pornographic images. I can’t believe I have to note this, but we live and learn.