As featured in Seven Days, December 2016.

CRINGE! is a show about humiliation. See the feature story in Seven Days, Burlington, Vermont’s alt-weekly.

Do you have a cringe-worthy story or embarrassing piece of student artwork to share? Diary entries, letters, mixtapes, songs: it’s all fair game.

Not a performer? Don’t be shy! Anyone who ever wrote/performed/created anything embarrassing is welcome to submit.

Please share a concrete pitch of what you’d like to do, and how much time you need. Five minutes is a great mark to shoot for.

Tips for a successful submission:

  1. Hard evidence. A photo, piece of artwork, writing, sound recording, video or any other piece of evidence makes for a really strong submission. We want to be pulled into a moment, and a specific example helps to ground us there.
  2. Don’t try too hard to be funny. People come to cringe because it’s fun to watch other people get embarrassed. It’s okay if you laugh or blush or even pee a little. Please do not submit an established comedy bit that you have previously performed.

If your pitch is accepted:

Do: Send up to two images! We project them behind you and it’s super fun! If you have a video, we can project that also.

Don’t: Send any pornographic images. I can’t believe I had to note this, but we live and learn.

Do: have fun. If you’re not embarrassed, you’re not doing it right.